Vengeance Upon the Bloodreavers

Accidental Discovery of a Gnoll Stronghold

and the Rescue of the Imprisoned Dire Boar Pet

Freed a captive dire boar from a bunch of gnolls using it for target practice (as well as some hyenas). Grrkda tried to use a flaming barrel to bowl over gnolls but fell into said barrel sustaining non-life-threatening wounds. Akmenos tamed the dire boar, who now follows the party but stays behind and does not help in combat situations.

The party cleared out the rest of the gnoll presence, including a beastmaster and his kennel of pet hyenas.

During their stay in this place, they have had some unsettling experiences. Several times, they heard a crack and seemed to be momentarily teleported to another plane of existence they instantly recognized as the Abyss, although none of them had ever seen it before. They were returned to the Well of Demons unscathed except for a shaken will, each time. They were also visited by a non-hostile minotaur spirit, that only bellowed and then disappeared.

The party finally encountered a demon-worshipping gnoll witch in her chamber. As they battled she summoned an apelike demon called a Bar-lgura to aid her. During the fight, they discovered a pair of tieflings that were hiding in an adjoined room, and the tieflings joined the melee on the side of the witch. The party defeated the demon and the witch, but the tieflings were able to use an invisibility power to escape. In the demon summoning room, they found an altar on which was a book, titled “The Book of Wrath Unveiled,” a treatise on the cult of Baphomet. Grrkda also took a pair of black candles from the room and the party destroyed the altar.

There is only one remaining path to take in the area and it leads south. The characters experience unmistakable dread when they consider that hallway, and it makes the hair stand on their necks. What could cause such a reaction?



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