Vengeance Upon the Bloodreavers

The Well of Demons, Part 2
Knife and Mask

The party entered a room full of mirrored columns, and Grrkda was instantly teleported by a mirror into a chamber with no exits. In the chamber was a starved and crazed gnoll berserker that immediately attacked Grrkda. The party attempted to move into the room, and the teleportation mirrors claimed Akmenos, Nymrion and Calavares. The gnoll was subdued and tied up, but knew of no way out, and Grrkda killed it.

Meanwhile, Un’named and Despair made it to the back of the room and through a curtain keeping their eyes shut to avoid the mirrors’ effects. Within the curtained portion of the room was an altar on which was a black mask, guarded by two skeletons. The skeletons attacked the pair with scimitars. Things were looking grim, until Akmenos prayed for guidance and intervention. His deity sent a mental image to Despair of the altar behind the curtains. Despair noticed a minotaur-sized/shaped hand print on the altar, and touched it. When he did, his allies were teleported to the mirror chamber’s entranceway. They carefully made their way in to help Despair and Un’named escape. Grrkda accidentally got teleported back into the prison chamber, but was released after the skeletons were dispatched.

The characters took time to rest and heal and recover powers. At one point, they saw a ghostly imp appear before them. Grrkda attacked it and it disappeared without further incident.

The party made their way through some double doors in the statue gallery to the room to the west, and discovered a scene torn from a nightmare an enormous pool of blood, bisected by a stone walkway running north-to-south, and two enormous minotaur statues with long scourges on each end of the room (east and west). On the far west side of the room, the characters could see two platforms jutting up from the blood pool. On one was a blade and on the other a hilt.

Nymrion used Floating Disc to move Grrkda across to the walkway. As soon as Grrkda touched the walkway, the statues animated and began to move. The magical traps swung their scourges in a wide arc, hitting some of the characters and knocking Akmenos into the poison blood pool. The characters began attacking the minotaur statues, while some hidden Evistro demons revealed themselves and began to converge upon Akmenos. The party took out the statues one-at-a-time and then focused on the demons, while Nymrion cruised around the perimeter on his disc, retrieving the artifacts. Akmenos was nearly lost, but managed to be saved.

Having retrieved all four of the artifacts, the characters rested. Next session, the characters will prepare to complete the ritual by placing the 4 artifacts in the runic circles. It isn’t yet clear what this will achieve, or what will happen.

The Well of Demons, Part 1
A Bell with No Clapper

The party rested and continued south into the stronghold. They tried throwing some chairs into the first room, enchanted with a light spell. Nothing happened, so they entered.

Upon entering the room, they encountered a trio of ghostly spirits that hailed them. The spirits, a human claric, a dwarf paladin, and a female elf wizard, introduced themselves as former adventurers slain in this place, Valrog the Brute, Sir Terris and Mendara the Mystic. The spirits said they have been tasked with providing information to heroes that prove themselves worthy. The party attempted to impress the spirits, but ultimately failed. Nonetheless, the ghosts gave some advice:

This place is the Proving Grounds, a testing place for worshipers of the demon lord Baphomet. You must find four items: a knife, a mask, a bell, and a book. You must place each of these items on one of four circles of runes found in this complex. The items must be placed on the runes at the exact same time. Three of the items are held within chambers built to test Baphomet’s worshipers. You can find these chambers to the north, west, and south of where we now stand, through these eastern double doors and then through another set of double doors that leads to the west.

The ghosts then disappeared. The party continued on their way finding a complex of connected chambers – all empty, but with sets of double doors leading out of the complex in all directions: north, south, east and west. The farthest south doors intrigued the party as the doors were large and bore a minotaur head sculpture, and no visible means of opening them. The party ultimately mapped the entire empty complex, noting the four locations of the rune circles. The most interesting features were a river of blood perpetually running from an altar in the eastern-most chamber. A prison area full of manacled skeletons of sacrifices in the southeast. A room containing four different and different-colored pools in the southwest – one of which gave the drinker resistance against poison for a limited time. A statue gallery room to the west containing some old stone minotaur statues. And finally a large chamber in the center of the complex featuring a 15′×15′ well of unfathomable depth in the middle, and a pair of altars to the north and south.

Ultimately, the party entered a pair of double doors accessible from the prison – this led them to a room full of hideous pillars engraved to look like piles of living creatures stacked from floor to ceiling. Then the party realized the columns were actually moving – arms were squirming and faces contorting. One of the pillars howled an alarm, and a group of 5 Evistro demons and another Bar-lgura demon attacked the party. The fight was long and difficult, needing to contend with magical effects generated by the pillars as well as the demons. Eventually, the party emerged victorious from the melee, and Despair managed to make it to the rear of the chamber and grabbed the bell with no clapper sitting on the altar. Upon attempting to activate the magical power of the bell, spikes shot out of the handle and impaled Despair’s arm, attaching itself, and a clapper magically appeared. Upon ringing the bell, members of the party found they were filled with rage temporarily, but as there was nothing to fight, the sound ultimately had no effect. Despair was able to remove the bell from his arm and heal himself shortly thereafter.

The session ended here, with the party resting in the ghost room, and planning to head through the north set of doors next session, having recovered two of the four artifacts the ghosts requested the party to recover: the bell and the book.

Accidental Discovery of a Gnoll Stronghold
and the Rescue of the Imprisoned Dire Boar Pet

Freed a captive dire boar from a bunch of gnolls using it for target practice (as well as some hyenas). Grrkda tried to use a flaming barrel to bowl over gnolls but fell into said barrel sustaining non-life-threatening wounds. Akmenos tamed the dire boar, who now follows the party but stays behind and does not help in combat situations.

The party cleared out the rest of the gnoll presence, including a beastmaster and his kennel of pet hyenas.

During their stay in this place, they have had some unsettling experiences. Several times, they heard a crack and seemed to be momentarily teleported to another plane of existence they instantly recognized as the Abyss, although none of them had ever seen it before. They were returned to the Well of Demons unscathed except for a shaken will, each time. They were also visited by a non-hostile minotaur spirit, that only bellowed and then disappeared.

The party finally encountered a demon-worshipping gnoll witch in her chamber. As they battled she summoned an apelike demon called a Bar-lgura to aid her. During the fight, they discovered a pair of tieflings that were hiding in an adjoined room, and the tieflings joined the melee on the side of the witch. The party defeated the demon and the witch, but the tieflings were able to use an invisibility power to escape. In the demon summoning room, they found an altar on which was a book, titled “The Book of Wrath Unveiled,” a treatise on the cult of Baphomet. Grrkda also took a pair of black candles from the room and the party destroyed the altar.

There is only one remaining path to take in the area and it leads south. The characters experience unmistakable dread when they consider that hallway, and it makes the hair stand on their necks. What could cause such a reaction?

Shaking up Saruun; Wandering in the dark

“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” – Anatole France

Grrkda, Calavares, Akmenos, Un’named and Nymrion rested in the Horned Hold of the Grimmerzhul duergar clan before returning to the Seven Pillared Hall. They had no further leads in their investigation to recover the final two human captives except that they were sold to creatures whose description made them sound like gnolls.

There, they investigated the Grimmerzhul Trading Post they had previously ransacked, and found it boarded up. They then returned to Gendar’s shop to return the skull scepter he had requested them to recover for him. In return, he paid the party 300 GP.

The characters split up to take care of business in town. Nymrion set to work creating a number of magic items for the party. Grrkda, Calavares and Un’named went to Rothar’s Taproom to question the ‘rougher’ clientele there about possible gnoll settlements or activity. Grrkda tried to intimidate a table full of gnolls and failed. He tried to backhand the nearest one but missed. The owner of the establishment, a very large half-orc named Rothar, broke up the fight and answered a few questions. Calavares smoothed over the hostility by buying a round of drinks. The interview was fruitless; there are dozens of gnoll settlements in the labyrinth, and no one claimed to have any knowledge of a pair of human captives.

Leadless – the party split up and asked around. They heard that the best source of news would be Orontor, the administrator for the Mages of Saruun. They approached him and asked about taking ownership of the trading post, and he required a signed contract. The party could not produce one. Meanwhile, they asked about gnoll settlements and human captives. Orontor didn’t know anything about that, but he did ask the characters to investigate the Saruun Mage known as Paldemar, who had gone rogue and had not been seen for many weeks.

With no course left to them, the characters decided to travel into the labyrinth and simply start looking around. Within an hour of wandering, they were lost in the maze of twisting corridors beneath the mountain. In the third hour of their wandering, they were ambushed by a band of hunting Troglodytes, and were successful in dispatching them (except for a tricky spellcaster that used a power to increase its own speed and took off into the dark), and recovering some treasure: 21 Gp and 3 rubies worth 300 GP. They found an out-of-the-way nook and rested after the fight.

The characters set out and about an hour later, they found the entrance to what appeared to be an old fortress of some kind. The front portal was open, so they entered to investigate. The interior was totally dark, so they used a light spell to enchant a rock and toss it into the room. The room shook and a disembodied voice spoke the following:

Greetings, seekers of Baphomet’s boundless glory.
Those who prove unworthy of his attention
Shall be claimed forever as his slaves.
Those who prove worthy
Shall be granted power beyond mortal reckoning.
Mask, bell, blade and tome.

The characters were then attacked by a Ghoul, who managed to gain surprise on Grrkda and Calavares. Then a burrowing, tentacled Phalagar attacked Akmenos, and finally some column-clutching lurkers known as Cavern Chokers joined the fray. The fight was looking grim until a fountain of flame spell from Un’named (played by Steve) caused the Phalagar to release two of the characters it had grabbed and retreat beneath the surface to regroup. The party was then freed up to turn the tide against the other three assailants. When the Phalagar returned to the fight, the party concentrated their efforts on the creature and destroyed it before it could retreat again.

The characters have not rested and have mostly exhausted daily powers and action points. When we resume next session, we should update treasure (since Mike Terry had the treasure log and was absent from last session). Then we will continue exploring the fortress.

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