Vengeance Upon the Bloodreavers

The party entered a room full of mirrored columns, and Grrkda was instantly teleported by a mirror into a chamber with no exits. In the chamber was a starved and crazed gnoll berserker that immediately attacked Grrkda. The party attempted to move into the room, and the teleportation mirrors claimed Akmenos, Nymrion and Calavares. The gnoll was subdued and tied up, but knew of no way out, and Grrkda killed it.

Meanwhile, Un’named and Despair made it to the back of the room and through a curtain keeping their eyes shut to avoid the mirrors’ effects. Within the curtained portion of the room was an altar on which was a black mask, guarded by two skeletons. The skeletons attacked the pair with scimitars. Things were looking grim, until Akmenos prayed for guidance and intervention. His deity sent a mental image to Despair of the altar behind the curtains. Despair noticed a minotaur-sized/shaped hand print on the altar, and touched it. When he did, his allies were teleported to the mirror chamber’s entranceway. They carefully made their way in to help Despair and Un’named escape. Grrkda accidentally got teleported back into the prison chamber, but was released after the skeletons were dispatched.

The characters took time to rest and heal and recover powers. At one point, they saw a ghostly imp appear before them. Grrkda attacked it and it disappeared without further incident.

The party made their way through some double doors in the statue gallery to the room to the west, and discovered a scene torn from a nightmare an enormous pool of blood, bisected by a stone walkway running north-to-south, and two enormous minotaur statues with long scourges on each end of the room (east and west). On the far west side of the room, the characters could see two platforms jutting up from the blood pool. On one was a blade and on the other a hilt.

Nymrion used Floating Disc to move Grrkda across to the walkway. As soon as Grrkda touched the walkway, the statues animated and began to move. The magical traps swung their scourges in a wide arc, hitting some of the characters and knocking Akmenos into the poison blood pool. The characters began attacking the minotaur statues, while some hidden Evistro demons revealed themselves and began to converge upon Akmenos. The party took out the statues one-at-a-time and then focused on the demons, while Nymrion cruised around the perimeter on his disc, retrieving the artifacts. Akmenos was nearly lost, but managed to be saved.

Having retrieved all four of the artifacts, the characters rested. Next session, the characters will prepare to complete the ritual by placing the 4 artifacts in the runic circles. It isn’t yet clear what this will achieve, or what will happen.



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